Frequenly Asked Questions

What do you mean by "family-friendly DJ"?
A family-friendly DJ knows how to filter and/or select their music so that they play music without inappropriate lyrics, themes, etc. Family-friendly DJs know how to perform at kid-friendly events (like schools), religious events (like church-sponsored dances), etc. A family-friendly DJ does not need to only perform at framily-friendly events and may still perform at events that are not family-friendly if they so choose.
Will this site always be free for clients?
Yes.  Clients will never need to pay to find a family-friendly DJ.
Will this site always be free for DJs?
Yes. There will always be some form of free listing on this site.  Eventually, there will also be some form of paid placement or paid referrals (nothing has been decided on form or costs yet), but that won't come for a while.